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Netai Singha, Ph.D.
Netai Singha, a cellular immunology scientist, have over 20 years of research and development experience in biopharma and academia in cancer immunotherapy, cancer biology and immunodeficiency. His  work  has resulted in clinical trials and peer reviewed scientific publications.
His personal experience in Type 2 diabetes and arthritis motivated him to find a simple solution to tame these two incurable diseases. He used his research experience, in-depth chemistry and biology knowledge, and self-experimentation. The outcome is an all natural ingredients, low glycemic, and ready to eat food product (Verve) that completely relieved his arthritis pain and lowered blood glucose level to normal. This unexpected results give him confidence in finding a cure for Type 2 diabetes and osteoarthritis.
He is working to make this simple food product (and many other products) available to everybody and change the life of every individual with Type 2 diabetes and/or arthritis.
Kinga Pocsveiler
Kinga Pocsveiler (Founder, educator, digital technology advocate and registered nurse) has passion in food and nutrition to lead a healthy life. She has professional experience in digital marketing, product launch strategy, business development  and teaching. 
Kinga is currently helping in process development and sales planning. She will be of great value to the company in production and sales.
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