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About US

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Our Vision 

Free us from Chronic Inflammatory diseases using low glycemic food and medicine combination.

Our Mission 

Create scientific data-driven all natural ingredients, low glycemic food to reduce Type 2 diabetes and Osteoarthritis progression.

What we do?
Verde Vitals is creating plant-based, low glycemic food for Type 2 diabetes and Osteoarthritis. We use scientific knowledge and natural ingredients to create functional, tasty food.

Our Objective:  Invent all natural ingredients, low glycemic, cooked food that reduces chronic inflammation.

Goal: Reduce chronic inflammation using
All Natural, Low Glycemic food
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Low glycemic food reduces chronic inflammation. This may lead to   glycemic control improvement and joint pain remission.
Our Story:
 This personal story started 15 years ago when the founder was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes (T2D). In the beginning, blood sugar was under control with diet, medication and [limited] exercise. As T2D progressed, blood sugar control deteriorated with time, and finally the founder was on the verge of starting insulin therapy.
To a great surprise, the founder's blood sugar level came down to normal within three months of starting a specially made Veggie Mix, our lead product! The Veggie Mix and other Low Glycemic food are helping the founder to maintain normal blood sugar level since June 2016. Additionally, Veggie Mix has relieved his arthritic joint pain. Over 10 years research and self-experimentation resulted in our lead product Veggie Mix
To make this lead product available to everyone, Verde Vitals  was registered to the State of California in August, 2016.
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