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Why Partner and Invest with us?

Our Readiness
  • We have a prototype of the lead product Verve.

  • We have prototypes of additional four products.

  • Products can be launched quickly. 

  • Ready for testing function to increase value.

Business Potential in USA
  • There are 30 million diabetics and 31 million Osteoarthritis.

  • Twenty percent (17.2 million) of the 86 million pre-diabetic individuals will be diagnosed diabetic.

  • Every year, more than one million individuals are diagnosed with diabetic.

Specialty food market in USA
Specialty Food Market 2.jpg
Speciality food market.jpg
Verve yearly sales potentioal in USA
Verve Sales USA 2A1-s.jpg

Note: Only diabetes population is included in the calculation. The values will double if Osteoarthritis population is included.

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